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[21] Application No.:GC 2015-29513

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[72] Inventors:1- MAURER Michael Thomas،2- BENZ Urs،3- BAUMGARTNER Felix

[73] Owner: Ansaldo Energia Switzerland AG, Romerstrasse 36, 5401Baden, CH , Baden, Switzerland

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Int. Cl.: F01D 25/12; F02C 7/18; F23R 3/06 (2006.01)

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-WO 2011020485 A1 (SIEMENS AG [DE]; SHEPHERD ANDREW [GB]) 24 February 2011  
Examiner: Eng. Ghassan F. AlBuhairan

[57] Abstract: The present disclosure refers to an impingement cooled wall arrangement (12) wherein a flow diverter (21) is arranged in the cooling flow path (15) between the cooled wall (7) and a sleeve (10) to divert a cross flow (16) away from a second aperture (14). The flow diverter (21) extends in downstream direction of the cross flow (16) beyond the second aperture (14) with a first leg extending along on one side of the second aperture (14) in downstream direction of the cross flow (16) and a second leg extending along on the other side of the second aperture (14). According to the disclosure no impingement cooling aperture (13, 14) is arranged in a first convective cooling section (29) of the wall (7). This is the wall section between the upstream end and downstream end of flow diverter (21) outside the section shielded by the diverter (21).Besides the impingement cooled wall arrangement a gas turbine (1) with such an arrangement as well as a method for cooling a duct wall are disclosed.
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