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[72] Inventors:1- Tab Hunter Crooks،2- MaryAnn S. Muench

[73] Owner: The Boeing Company, 100 North Riverside Plaza, Chicago 60606-2016, Illinois , USA

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Int. Cl.: B32B 18/00, 7/02, 7/12; C04B 37/00; C09J 1/00 (2006.01)

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-US-2014/0086670 A1 (Ohkuni; Tomoyuki) March 2014  
Examiner: Faisal Abdulla Aljardan

[57] Abstract: Adhesive compositions and methods for bonding materials with different thermal expansion coefficients is provided. The adhesive is formulated using a flux material, a low flux material, and a filler material, where the filler material comprises particulate from at least one of the two components being bonded together. A thickening agent can also be used as part of the adhesive composition to aid in applying the adhesive and establishing a desired bond thickness. The method of forming a high strength bond using the disclosed adhesive does not require the use of intermediary layer or the use of high cure temperatures that could damage one or both of the components being bonded together.
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