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[72] Inventor: Tomomi ISOGAI

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Examiner: PH. Nada M. AlBehaiji

[57] Abstract: An unfolding-type disposable diaper, including: a diaper main body having a longitudinal direction, a lateral direction and a thickness direction orthogonal to one another, the diaper main body including a first waist part, a crotch part and a second waist part that are arranged in this order in the longitudinal direction; and fastening tapes which are provided to protrude outward in the lateral direction from the second waist part and which are to be fastened to the first waist part, so that the first waist part and the second waist part are coupled to form one waist opening and a pair of leg openings. The fastening tapes each includes a base material sheet fixed to the second waist part through a fixing part; and a fastening part that is provided at a position outward of the fixing part in the lateral direction in the base material sheet and that can be fastened to the first waist part. At least a part of portion between the fixing part and the fastening part in the base material sheet has stretchability in the lateral direction. In the portion between the fixing part and the fastening part in the base material sheet, a cutting line for separating the fastening part from the fixing part is formed.
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