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[72] Inventor: Ali H. Dogru

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Examiner: Eng. Mohammed A. AlShamrani

[57] Abstract: A subsurface hydrocarbon reservoir with wells is simulated by simultaneous solution of reservoir and well equations which simulate flow profiles along a well without requiring an unstructured coefficient matrix for reservoir unknowns. An analytical model of the reservoir is formed using the known or measured bottom hole pressure. Where several layers in an interval in the reservoir are present between vertical flow barriers in the reservoir, and communicate vertically with others, the communicating layers are combined for analytical modeling into a single layer for that interval for simulation purposes. The matrix of equations defining the unknown pressures and saturations of the intervals of combined layers in the reservoir are solved in the computer, and a perforation rate determined for each such interval of combined layers. Rates for the intervals in the reservoir are then combined to determine total well rate.
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