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[21] Application No.:GC 2016-32633

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[72] Inventors:1- KINSER, Andrew John،2- WYATT, Michael Allen،3- JACKSON, Trenton Frank

[73] Owner: FISHER CONTROLS INTERNATIONAL LLC, 205 South Center St Iowa 50158. , Marshalltown, USA

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F15B11/028, 20/00; F16K1/22, 31/163

[56] Cited Documents:

-US 8413486 B1 (AL-BUAIJAN TAREQ NASSER [KW]) 9 April 2013  
Examiner: Eng. Fahad M. AlBaker

[57] Abstract: Example methods and apparatus for independently controlling the seating force in a rotary valve are described herein. An example apparatus includes a rotary valve having a flow control member and a dual-acting actuator operatively coupled to the rotary valve. The actuator has first and second ports to receive a pressurized control fluid to change a position of the actuator. The example apparatus further includes a valve controller operatively coupled to the actuator to control the pressurized control fluid in response to a position of the rotary valve. The example apparatus further includes a pressure limiter operatively coupled to the valve controller and fluidly coupled to the first port of the actuator. The pressure limiter is to reduce a pressure of the pressurized fluid provided to the first port of the actuator to reduce a seating force of the flow control member when the rotary valve is in a closed position.
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