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[72] Inventor: Han Vo

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Int. Cl.: E21B 19/16 (2006.01)

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-US 2016290075 A1 (HUNTER DOUGLAS A [CA]) 6 October 2016
-US 2009272235 A1 (BERRY JOE [US]) 5 November 2009
Examiner: Eng. Mohammed A. AlShamrani

[57] Abstract: A spinner tool includes a plurality of rollers configured to rotate a tubular and a linkage assembly configured to move the rollers into and out of contact with the tubular. The tool further includes a carriage assembly configured to support the linkage assembly. The carriage assembly has a frame, a pair of carriage rollers positioned on opposite sides of the frame, and a pair of spring cylinders positioned on opposite sides of each carriage roller. The spring cylinders are coupled at one end to the carriage roller and at an opposite end to the frame to force the carriage assembly into a centered position.
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