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[54] Method for erecting structural elements of building/construction of monolithic reinforced concrete and technological equipment to implement it
[57] Abstract: The present group of inventions is related to civil engineering and can be used in erection of multi-storey buildings/constructions.Technological equipment includes travelling formwork comprising lifting jacks with props enclosed in shells, where U-shaped jack frames are installed on. In the base of the jack frame posts, holders of vertical shuttering panels and extendible supports are installed moveably. In the process of work performance, formwork is laid resting upon previously erected structures by means of lifting jack props, while shells enclosing said props are driven with rotating motion. Further on, extendible supports of jack frames are installed on the newly erected structures, props of lifting jacks together with shell are extracted and concrete is poured into the formed cavities. Formwork is re-installed on the already erected structures by means of lifting jack and the cycle is repeated. Methods for erecting both single- and multilayer vertical structures, as well as methods for erecting “floor structure – single-/multilayer wall” segment of building are disclosed.Result – reduction of consumption of materials for formwork and power costs for its relocation; reduction of time for construction.6 independent and 14 dependent claims, 14 figures.
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