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Statistical status of applications filed with the office until the date: 19/01/2018

Processed Applications

Statement The Number Of Requests
Granted a patent 6931
Invalid (Lapsed - Rejected) 16672
Total 23603

Applications Under Process:

1.In The Office

Statement The Number Of Requests
Under Formal Audit 835
Under the formal audit (after Respanding to Comments), submitted 118
Before Assigning(Distributed applications according to the number of available examinations) 2766
Requesting Examination fees 38
Under first examination 2022
Under second test 1162
Under third examination 241
Reviewing applicant response on the examnition result 606
Processing for publication 35
Waiting for publication fee 1074
In accountant side to register 6
Total 8903

2.The Applicant

Statement The Number Of Applications
Responding to result of Formal Audit 146
Payment of first Examination Fees 115
Reply to first examination (not passing) 877
Reply to second examination (not passing) 366
Reply to the third examination (not passing) 88
Payment of granting and publication fees - First 431
Payment of Granting and publication fees - the second 22
Total 2045

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